Washington Report – Lions and the Future of Hunting

We all know the bad news by now. The federal government has finally disgorged the listing of lions under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). SCI members have been waiting for this proverbial second shoe to drop since the official notice of proposed listing was issued in October of 2014. But it’s important to remember that … Continue reading

Washington Report – Words Matter

Has it been a year already? The annual battle over funding the government has paralyzed Washington yet again. The government’s fiscal year ends on September 30, and Congress must take action to provide new funding before then, or else the government will shut down. The American public is aghast at the notion of a government … Continue reading

Reduce Restrictions on Supressors

Believe it or not, there is a gun policy lesson that America can take from Europe. And that is to refrain from restricting the sale and possession of firearm suppressors more strictly than firearms themselves.   Suppressors are sold over the counter in some countries, and their use is considered a courtesy to neighbors.   There are … Continue reading

Washington Report – Exploiting a Tragedy

Well, here we go again. A single madman motivated by lunacy beyond anyone’s control committed a heinous act in Charleston, South Carolina. In knee-jerk response, politicians ranging from the president to the local mayor began calling for new restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of everyone who committed no crime. Even while evidence was still … Continue reading

Washington Report – Hillary’s True Colors

It’s springtime in Washington. Along with the cherry blossoms, tourist hordes and other signs of the season, candidates for President are emerging to make their bids official.   Hunters will have a variety of excellent choices on the Republican side of the primary ballot. Democrats, on the other hand, are expected to fall in line and … Continue reading

Washington Report – For Every Step Forward…

– Update – Hunters are making progress in the nation’s capital this month, but strong crosswinds are blowing. Even while the Congress is moving forward with the top SCI legislative priority – the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act, designated in the Senate as S. 405 – Obama administration bureaucrats are lobbing new regulations at hunters’ guns and … Continue reading

Washington Report – Reality Disconnect

The annual State of the Union speech is the unofficial kickoff of the legislative season in the nation’s capital. Once a brief report delivered by letter, the speech has taken on all the theatrics of a major Hollywood production. And Barack Obama certainly loves any production that features him as the star. In the speech, … Continue reading

Washington Report – Passing the “Cromnibus”

Washington got back to work after the elections, or at least what passes for it in the nation’s capital. The so-called “lame duck” session faced a hard deadline just to keep the government operating, but as usual, the spending deal didn’t get cut until the 11th hour. Party tensions were thick, as the session represented … Continue reading

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