SCI Arizona Member Alert

Safari Club International (SCI) is encouraging all of its Arizona members to provide their input to the Arizona Game and Fish Department for revisions of a portion of the Sonoran Desert National Monument (SDNM). Under a March 2015 federal court order, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is required to reanalyze the impacts of recreational … Continue reading

SCI Needs Your Help – USFWS Proposes Troubling New Rules for Alaska Wildlife Refuges


On January 8, 2016, the FWS published proposed changes to the rules that apply to hunting and wildlife management on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. Among other things, these proposed regulations attempt to make “natural and biological diversity” a chief consideration in the management of refuge wildlife and the authorization of recreational and subsistence hunting … Continue reading

SCI Canada Member Alert – Hotel Chains Cave to Antis

The antis are at it again and only we can stop them and make businesses accountable for caving to what amounts to a vocal minority! The entire hunting community needs to come together and show our strength, and SCI members should lead the way. This attack on hunting was led by the Animal Justice Group … Continue reading

SCI Seeks AZ and NM Coyote Hunters

SCI’s Litigation attorneys are looking for Arizona and New Mexico coyote hunters. SCI’s Litigation Department will soon attempt to join litigation that could affect coyote hunting in Arizona and New Mexico – particularly in areas occupied by Mexican wolves (south and central Arizona and New Mexico). Please contact us if you hunt coyotes in these … Continue reading

Calling Lesser Prairie-Chicken and Greater Prairie-Chicken Hunters in Kansas

SCI will be attempting to (1) join a lawsuit challenging the listing of the lesser prairie-chicken (LPC) and (2) participate as amicus in other lawsuits challenging the listing and the settlement agreements that lead to the listing of the LPC. As a result of the listing, the hunting of LPC in Kansas (the only state … Continue reading

Oregon House Judiciary Committee Holding Hearing on Anti-Ivory Legislation

This week on May 20th, Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on Senate Bill 913. Safari Club International (SCI) opposes SB 913, legislation that would make it illegal to knowingly purchase, sell, offer for sale, possess with intent to sell or import for purchase or sale in Oregon ivory, rhinoceros horn, ivory … Continue reading

Feds Suspend Confusing Gun Travel Rules

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has just updated its website to provide clarification on its current position concerning electronic registration for traveling with firearms abroad.  On April 29, 2015, CPB added a page to its website explaining that it is “temporarily suspending implementation of the regulation” concerning electronic registration as the agency works to … Continue reading

SCI Celebrates An Early Victory In the Fight Against Firearms Export Registration Requirements

The efforts of SCI, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the National Rifle Association and others met with success on April 23, 2015 when Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reversed their decision to implement changes to the procedural requirements for hunters and recreational shooters wishing to travel abroad with their firearms. At a budget hearing held … Continue reading

SCI Member Alert — Firearms Export Update

– Update – SCI has received additional information about the newly implemented requirements for traveling with firearms out of the United States, including for international hunting and recreational shooting purposes. All individuals who plan to travel outside the U.S. with their firearms should carefully review the attached “Fact Sheet: International Travel with Firearms on Commercial … Continue reading

Member Alert! New Requirements for Traveling with Firearms Outside U.S.

Safari Club International has received information about changes in the requirements for hunters who wish to export/bring their firearms and ammunition with them when they travel to hunt outside the United States. SCI has been researching these new requirements in order to understand exactly why these changes are going into effect and what will be … Continue reading

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