SCI’s Advocacy Complimented in New Book

SCI received high praise in a recently published book written by Lowell Baier, entitled Inside the Equal Access to Justice Act: Environmental Litigation and the Crippling Battle over America’s Lands, Endangered Species, and Critical Habitat.  In Chapter 6, Barbarians at the Gate: Saints and Sinners, the author writes:

Logo 2A discussion of environmental activism cannot overlook sportsmen’s groups, which focus primarily on fish and wildlife conservation and have traditionally avoided litigation  . . . They are generally adverse to litigation with one major exception, Safari Club International (SCI), the largest in membership, which was organized in 1972.

SCI is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.  It has a membership of over 50,000, and combined 2014 revenues between [the] club and its foundation of $31.5 million, with combined net assets of $27.3 million.  Until 1999, SCI had been involved in only two cases with the federal government.  Anna Seidman became their in-house litigation counsel in 1999, later joined by Douglas Burdin, and thereafter they have litigated 133 cases (1999-2014), a number related to wildlife and hunting issues and HSUS, taking the lead role as plaintiff in 15.  SCI has been a major player in ESA issues, especially in the polar bear- and wolf-listing cases, taking the opposite side in endangered species cases from the environmental litigators profiled earlier, and occasionally being an amicus or intervener siding with the federal government.  SCI is a refreshing outlier in the third-generation environmental litigation community, most of whose primary mission is suing the federal government and utilizing procedural error to disrupt federal agencies.


The book, which is the product of many years of labor and intensive research, is a detailed and carefully documented review of the role that litigation and attorneys’ fees have played in environmental decision-making in this country. If you would like to learn more about the book and/or purchase a copy at a discount, you can purchase it here:  Use PROMO CODE: 4F15BAIER! for a 30% discount.



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