Do You Have a Lion Hunt Planned?

lionstandingAll SCI members are probably aware by now that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has listed the African lion under the Endangered Species Act and will be requiring permits for the importation of lions harvested after January 21, 2016. (Go here and here for SCI’s posts regarding the listing.)

To understand the impact that the listing and import permit requirement will have on our members, SCI would like to know if you have a lion hunt booked for the future. If you do, please send an email to Anna Seidman at In your email, please provide your name, the state in which you live, and when and where your lion hunt will occur. SCI will respect your privacy and will not share your information. Thank you in advance for your response and your continued support for SCI.

One Response to “Do You Have a Lion Hunt Planned?”
  1. O.T. says:

    Why YES I DO! What a mess!!! How can our own USFWS dictate to all these other countries……..first polar bears, now Lions……….there will be more if we cant stop this non-sense!!!

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