SCI Makes Presentation to New Jersey Legislature

On December 17th, Safari Club’s Manager of State Affairs, Jeff Patchen, traveled to Trenton, New Jersey to give a presentation at a meeting organized by the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance for the New Jersey Legislature. Jeff discussed the impacts of N.J. Senate Bill 3416elephantherdfirstforhunters042914, which would impose ban the importation of many different species into the state. Such a ban will negatively affect New Jersey residents and all hunters who use New Jersey as a port of entry. Such bans, by discouraging U.S. hunters from travelling to foreign countries in Africa and around the world, harm rural families that depend on hunting tourism for their livelihoods do not prevent a single animal from being poached. The New Jersey legislators learned how an importation ban will undermine conservation, hurt local businesses, and harm hunters who live in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

New Jersey legislators, Safari Club International, and every legitimate hunter despise poachers and the harm they do to wildlife. The solution to poaching, however, does not lie in discouraging U.S. hunters, who actually provide an on-the-ground anti-poaching presence. It will be found using sound scientific principles of sustainable use conservation.

These sound scientific principles, not the hyperbole and emotionalism of anti-hunters, should provide the foundation for the management of wildlife and habitat. Although anti-hunters may think that it is preferable to influence the public with emotionally-based campaigns, what they hope to achieve in the name of so-called “preservation” often fails to be in the best interest of wildlife. Safari Club will continue to work with the New Jersey Legislature and other state legislatures to prevent passage of restrictive laws and policies that are detrimental to hunters and wildlife conservation.


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