SCI Canada Member Alert – Hotel Chains Cave to Antis

AntisLogoThe antis are at it again and only we can stop them and make businesses accountable for caving to what amounts to a vocal minority! The entire hunting community needs to come together and show our strength, and SCI members should lead the way. This attack on hunting was led by the Animal Justice Group and they won’t stop until we band together.

This week two hotels canceled contracts with the African Sporting Events Show. These hotels did not cancel due to “security concerns” or “construction” or any other excuse they can think of. No, these hotels caved, plain and simple. They caved to a petition signed by a mere 3,000 anti-hunting extremists. These hotels did not bother to talk to us, the true conservationists. They did not bother to learn what role hunting has played and continues to play is conservation. No, they caved.

That is why we are asking you to send emails to these hotels by clicking HERE and express your disappointment and outrage at their succumbing to emotion rather than science and facts. This email explains that if they are not willing to to rescind these decisions then you will have no choice but to no longer support the hotels and their affiliates.

If we band together we can easily surpass the 3,000 signatures on the antis petition. All you have to do is send this to two hunters you know at a minimum. Animal Justice won’s stop until we stand up and say enough is enough.

The two properties that shamelessy caved into anti-hunting pressure were the Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport location and the Saskatoon Inn in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Let’s stand together and stop the insanity.

2 Responses to “SCI Canada Member Alert – Hotel Chains Cave to Antis”
  1. Helen Thompson says:

    A great big BRAVO to the Canadian hotels boycotting the hunters!!!!!!! Canada is the most respected cou try in the world and standing up for what is right over profit is only one of the reasons EVERYBODY LOVES CANADA!!!!! From the amazing Prime Minister Trudeau to Michael Blublee and every other Canuck, THANK YOU, EH!

  2. tominoregon says:

    I will also write the Holiday Inn in Reno. I was going to stay there during Sheep Show next month. I believe I’ll stay elsewhere.

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