SCI Presents at Law School Symposium on Hunting and Sustainable Use Conservation

WTbuckinforestOn October 30, 2015, SCI Litigation Counsel Doug Burdin made a presentation at a symposium at Hastings College of the Law on “Hunting for Sustainable Use Conservation.” His presentation focused on the importance of hunting, all the things a trophy can mean to the hunter, and two case studies on congressionally-approved hunting/sustainable use conservation efforts: the captive three antelope species and the polar bear. Doug, a Hasting alumnus, was also instrumental in helping the organizer of the event, a Hastings law student, create a balanced symposium that well-represented hunting/sustainable use conservation viewpoints.

The presentations on the pro-hunting/sustainable use side were numerous and excellent:

  • Professors Dan Barnhizer (Michigan State University) and Lee Foote (University of Alberta) gave particularly compelling presentations about sustainable use conservation.
  • Professor Brian Child (University of Florida) provided an on-the-ground assessment of how hunting offers the best possibility for conserving African wildlife.
  • A reporter/author, Glen Martin, offered a similar assessment that bans on hunting do not work and well-run hunting programs in which the benefits get to the local communities do work.
  • Paul Brisso, an SCI member from California, also gave a compelling presentation about the importance of hunting to conservation, mostly focusing on issues other than Africa.
  • Several other speakers gave strong presentations on the benefits of sustainable use conservation from a number of perspectives.

lionsonroadblogAbout half the program focused on anti-hunting and non-consumption use presentations. To the extent that a lot of the discussion was about Africa, it was clear that speakers on the side of hunting and sustainable use conservation had spent far more time in Africa than had the anti-hunting speakers.

SCI was well represented in the audience as well. SCI members, including Bob Keagy, Reg Barrett, Tom Mattusch, Bev Valdez, John Ware, and Marc Fong, far outnumbered attendees from any other hunting organization.


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