New Hunting Regulations Established By Peruvian Government

Peruvian FlagSCI Region 37 Representative, J. Thomas Saldias, reported that on September 30, 2015, the Peruvian government has published new regulations for the law of forestry and wildlife in which sport hunting is included. The SCI Central Peru Chapter and Saldias were involved in the formulation of the new regulations.

Among the new regulations are the following:

  • Hunter education is now a requirement for all native and non-residents
  • Non-residents can acquire hunting licenses through the assistance of a third party
  • Non-residents with a current hunting license from their country of origin will have their hunting education requirements fulfilled
  • Guides and outfitters are now required to register with the national authority who must issue a license to operate
  • Outfitters must have a concession in order to operate
  • The government is now opening the possibility of foreign investors for sport hunting wildlife concessions

The national authority SERFOR is now working to implement these new measures as soon as possible. Saldias added that there would soon be notification that Peruvians will be the first in the whole Latin America region to be allowed to use suppressors for sport hunting, thanks to the new firearms law in which the Chapter and Saldias were personally involved.


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