Texas Voters Approve Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment

vote-yes-bgOn Election Day, Texas voters approved Proposition 6 to amend their constitution and guarantee the right to hunt and fish. The measure won by a margin of 81 percent to 19 percent. The measure swept all 254 counties in Texas.

Leaders from major sportsmen’s organizations including Safari Club International and the NRA backed Proposition 6.

Proposition 6 amended the Texas Constitution by adding the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife to the Texas Bill of Rights. It also guarantees that wildlife decisions will continue to be based on sound-scientific principles and not emotionalism driven by The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) and other anti-hunting organizations. While Texas has a rich and vibrant hunting and fishing tradition, animal rights and anti-hunting organizations in other states have worked to limit hunting by imposing onerous restrictions or by eliminating the hunting of certain types of game. This proposition ensures that Texas’ long-standing heritage of hunting and fishing is protected for future generations. In Texas, sportsmen and women spend $4.1 billion annually and support 66,000 jobs.

Texas is the nineteenth state to have a constitutional amendment protecting the right to hunt and fish. We all know that anti-hunting groups such as HSUS can easily launch a multi-million dollar campaign, so we as a community joined forces and did everything possible to make sure that the voices of sportsmen and women were heard. Hunting is under an unprecedented attack and passing Proposition 6 in Texas was a huge blow to anti-hunting groups everywhere.

SCI thanks all Texas voters who voted YES on Proposition 6 and applauds the efforts of our partner organizations. This is a clear example of what we can accomplish when sportsmen and women unite and give voice to their power on Election Day.


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