Calling Lesser Prairie-Chicken and Greater Prairie-Chicken Hunters in Kansas

Lesser Prairie Chicken

Lesser Prairie Chicken

SCI will be attempting to (1) join a lawsuit challenging the listing of the lesser prairie-chicken (LPC) and (2) participate as amicus in other lawsuits challenging the listing and the settlement agreements that lead to the listing of the LPC. As a result of the listing, the hunting of LPC in Kansas (the only state to allow such hunting) ended. In addition, Kansas shut down greater prairie-chicken (GPC) hunting in areas of Kansas where its range overlapped with LPC.

To participate in these lawsuits, SCI must have members who would hunt LPC or GPC in LPC range, if allowed. In other words, if Kansas again allowed LPC and/or GPC hunting, would you make definite plans to hunt either or both of these species?

If you have hunted LPC or GPC in Kansas in the past and would do so again if allowed, please contact Doug Burdin, Litigation Counsel at as soon as possible. Please provide some details of your past experience and future interest in hunting these species.


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