California Outlawing Your Legal Ivory?

elephantherdfirstforhunters042914The state of California has introduced legislation that would make all ivory or rhinoceros horn illegal, even those exempt under current law. SCI California Chapters have written a letter in opposition of this bill.
AB 96, if passed, would delete the exemption provided by current law allowing the possession with intent to sell, or sale of, ivory from any elephant and other specified ivory bearing species, rhinoceros horn, or other body parts from these species that were legally obtained before June 1, 1977, or the possession with intent to sell or the sale of any such item on or after June 1, 1977, if the item was imported before January 1, 1977. The bill would ban completely the sale of any item made with ivory or rhinoceros horn, except antiques that can be documented to be at least 100 years old and which have less than five percent by volume of ivory or rhinoceros horn, and musical instruments manufactured before 1975 that have less than twenty percent by volume of ivory or rhinoceros horn.

Please reach out to your assemblymember and let him/her know you OPPOSE AB 96.  If you don’t know who your assembly member is, go to, type in your address, and the name will appear.  Clicking on the name on that web site will provide contact information for that person.  Please contact your assembly member for AB 96 NOW.

For more information on this bill, please read the following articles:

  1. AB 96 Article – La Prensa
  2. AB 96 Article – San Diego Union-Tribune
  3. Overview of Current Ivory Law Antiques Roadshow
  4. SCI Letter of Opposition
  5. Cover letter to the Assembly

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