SCI Supports Sunday Archery Hunt Bill

On June 3, 2015, the Connecticut state Senate approved, House Bill 6034, legislation that would allow Sunday archery hunting for deer on private lands and in certain deer management zones. HB 6034 is now headed to the governor’s desk and Safari Club International is urging bowhunter2Governor Dannel Malloy to sign the bill into law.

Sunday deer hunting with a bow and arrow would be allowed on private land and in overpopulated deer management zones, which the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) determine. The 11 zones drawn by the DEEP include 134 of Connecticut’s 169 towns.

The bill also mandates that hunters acquire formal permission from property owners and that all hunting must be done 40 feet away from any marked hiking trail.

Allowing Sunday hunting in Connecticut will fundamentally increase private property owners’ freedom to choose how to manage their land and its natural resources, and will provide an additional adaptive management tool for the DEEP to effectively manage wildlife resources within the state. Additionally, Sunday hunting will result in increased economic activity for the state and will increase access to the resource for Connecticut’s 21,000 archery hunters.

If signed by Governor Malloy, the new archery Sunday hunting season would take effect October 1; fall archery deer bow hunting season in Connecticut runs September 15 through November 17.

SCI asks any and all members who reside in or hunt in Connecticut to contact the Governor’s office and ask him to sign HB 6034 into law.

Telephone: (860) 566-4840           Email Address:

Mailing Address: Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, State Capitol, 210 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT 06106



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