Outdoor Heritage Act Passes North Carolina State House, On to Senate

waterfowlhuntingfirstforhunters030614Safari Club International (SCI) congratulates the members of the North Carolina state House who voted for the Outdoor Heritage Act (House Bill 640). The House voted 83-35 in favor of this legislation that would allow seven-day firearm hunting on private land with the owner’s written permission. HB 640 will exclude seven-day hunting for migratory birds and hunting deer with dogs, while keeping a 500 yard perimeter around a place of worship and of a residence not owned by the landowner. The bill has now moved to the North Carolina Senate.

SCI is urging all sportsmen and women in North Carolina who wish to see greater seven-day hunting opportunities to contact their local state Senator. It is imperative that legislators hear from North Carolina sportsmen and women that hunters support HB 640.

The Outdoor Heritage Act introduced by state Representatives Jimmy Dixon (R-4), Marvin Lucas (D-42), Chris Malone (R-35), and Michele Presnell (R-18) expands hunting opportunities for youth who are in school on weekdays and for many whose jobs keep them from hunting during the week.

The bill does not introduce Sunday hunting to North Carolina. Some forms of seven-day hunting are already taking place in the State. Since the fall of 2010, sportsmen and women in North Carolina have been legally hunting on Sundays on private lands with archery equipment without incident or conflict. If passed, HB 640 will simply expand the types of hunting opportunities available to North Carolina hunters.

Additionally, HB 640 established the Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council, which will, in collaboration with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, set up a Youth Outdoor Heritage Trust Fund for promoting outdoor activities to youth 16 and under.

Currently, hunters in North Carolina spend in excess of exceeds $650 million annually, which supports over 9,300 state jobs. It is estimated that expanding seven-day hunting would contribute an additional $311 million in total economic output, adding 3,600 jobs with over $94 million in wages.

Please contact your state Senator and politely urge him or her to SUPPORT House Bill 640.


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