Oregon House Judiciary Committee Holding Hearing on Anti-Ivory Legislation

Ivoryhunterrifle1huntforever032814This week on May 20th, Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on Senate Bill 913. Safari Club International (SCI) opposes SB 913, legislation that would make it illegal to knowingly purchase, sell, offer for sale, possess with intent to sell or import for purchase or sale in Oregon ivory, rhinoceros horn, ivory products or rhinoceros horn products.

Senate Bill 913, the ivory regulation bill, was introduced with the intent of curbing poaching and helping to end the illegal ivory trade.  Unfortunately, Senate Bill 913 would not accomplish its reported objective. Instead of going after poachers, smugglers and black-market profiteers of illicit ivory, the Oregon legislature has decided to attack innocent owners of legal ivory.

Instead, the bill would harm those who have no part in these activities; including firearm owners, sportsmen, hunters, recreational shooters and gun collectors who have legally purchased firearms (knives, jewelry, antiques and other items) with ivory components. Lawfully obtained items containing ivory or rhino horn, with very limited and narrow exceptions, would be rendered valueless as it would be an offense for you to sell it or for another person to buy it.

SCI and its members oppose poaching. This bill will do nothing to reduce poaching or illegal trafficking of wildlife. SCI agrees that new, innovative management practices must be developed to fight the illegal take of animals worldwide but we cannot and will not support ill-conceived legislation that undercuts international wildlife conservation.

Please contact your state Representative and members of the House Judiciary Committee and politely urge him or her to OPPOSE Senate Bill 913.


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