South African Airways Cargo Places Embargo On Selected Species

South African Cargo Embargo
South African Cargo Embargo

South African Cargo has established an embargo on select trophy species.

On April 21, 2015, South African Airways Cargo in Johannesburg issued a Policy and Procedures Advisory regarding the embargo on the transportation of hunting trophies, which is limited to rhino, elephant, tiger, and lion.

SAA Cargo claims it has in the past experienced a problem where some of the shipments containing hunting trophies were misdeclared and that this measure is necessary to avoid the possible shipment of such cargo.  “We had to act swiftly to curb the problem of illegal transportation of animals,” says Tlali Tlali, SAA Spokesperson.

SAA Cargo will keep the embargo in place until all other options have been considered and stricter control measures have been put in place to prevent a recurrence. “When such measures are implemented we will advise all stakeholders accordingly in South Africa and at our international stations,” said Tlali.

Safari Club International has been in contact with the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA).  PHASA’s Chief Executive Officer, Adri Kitshoff, informed us that PHASA is already working on this issue and has already met with South African Airlines Cargo (SAA Cargo) representatives and facilitated a meeting between SAA’s Cargo management and officials from the South African Department of Environmental Affairs.  Both Ms. Kitshoff and the representative from the Enforcement Division of the Department of Environmental Affairs took advantage of the meeting opportunities to explain South Africa’s government’s support of sustainable utilization and responsible hunting. They also informed SAA Cargo officials of the rules and regulations in place pertaining to the transport of trophies.

It is SCI’s hope that SAA Cargo’s decision not to ship rhino, elephant, tiger and lion trophies will be temporary and that the company will reverse their decision once they have additional information about the issue.

SCI will work to support and assist PHASA’s efforts to reverse SAA Cargo’s position.  SCI thanks PHASA for their prompt response and efforts to resolve this problem.  In the meantime, SCI members should understand that SAA Cargo is not the only entity that ships cargo from South Africa and that there are several alternative companies that hunters can use to bring their trophies home.

SCI will continue to apprise you of new developments as we become aware of them.


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