California Mountain Lion Hearing — Off Again

firstforhuntersmountainlion1In August 2014, Safari Club International sued two California officials over the State’s ban on the importation and possession of mountain lions hunted outside of California. The State filed a motion with the federal district court in Sacramento, asking the Court to dismiss our case. A hearing on the motion was first scheduled for February 2, 2015, just before the SCI Convention in Las Vegas. In January 2015, the Court allowed two anti-hunting groups to participate in the case as an amicus curiae and the Court rescheduled the hearing for March 30th. SCI filed its opposition brief two weeks before this date. The State filed its final brief a week later. A few days before the hearing date, the Court rescheduled it again — this time for April 20th. Just four days before the hearing was to take place, the Court cancelled the hearing altogether. The judge will decide whether SCI’s case can go forward based solely on the briefs filed by the parties and amicus. SCI hopes to receive the Court’s decision soon and will keep you posted.


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