North Carolina Legislature Introduces Sunday Hunting Legislation


UPDATE: House Bill 640 Was reported favorably out of the House Wildlife Resources Committee on April 15. This piece of legislation is moving very quickly and will most likely be on the House floor on Monday, April 27th. Please contact your state legislators to show support for House Bill 640 and Senate Bill 658


Members of the North Carolina state legislature recently filed legislation to expand hunting opportunities in North Carolina to include hunting on Sundays.

The Outdoor Heritage Act (House Bill 640), filed by State Representative Jimmy Dixon (R-4) on April 13, is a legislative package designed to protect and promote the Tar Heel State’s proud outdoor heritage for future generations. Included in the package is language that would allow hunting with firearms on Sundays on private property excluding waterfowl hunting, using hounds for deer hunting, and hunting within 300 yards of a place of worship. It would additionally allow for the Wildlife Resources Commission to adopt rules regarding hunting on Sundays and the manner of take effective July 1, 2018.

The efforts to expand opportunity for youth and hardworking sportsmen and women are meant to protect the rich hunting heritage of North Carolina. Currently, spending by hunters in North Carolina exceeds $650 million, which supports over 9,300 jobs. North Carolina is one of only 11 states that restrict seven-day hunting. It is estimated that expanding seven-day hunting would contribute an additional $311 million in total economic output, adding 3,600 jobs with over $94 million in wages.

State Senator’s Buck Newton (R-11) and Bill Rabon (R-12) filed Senate Bill 658 on March 26 that would also allow for seven-day hunting with certain restrictions. The legislation would additionally allow for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to adopt rules on Sunday hunting effective July 1, 2016.



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