firstforhuntersammunitionIn a stunning victory for hunters and gun owners, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE or ATF) today announced that it was withdrawing its ill-fated regulatory proposal to ban common rifle ammunition.

The proposed ban on common SS109 / M855 “green tip” .223 ammunition sparked a grassroots uproar among hunters and gun owners. ATF’s proposal was contrary to the clear language of the relevant statute, and a gesture of clear defiance of Congress. BATF’s sudden surrender and reversal on this issue comes amid mounting political pressure and a growing outcry from conservation and pro-hunting groups, SCI among them.  

SCI was also concerned that this proposed new regulatory authority could be extended in the future to ban virtually any centerfire rifle cartridge. The new “framework” was widely seen as a purely political maneuver to enact a White House gun control agenda that it doesn’t have the votes to push through the Congress. While this particular proposal has now been withdrawn pending “further study,” SCI will remain keenly vigilant against other possible efforts to enact new restrictions on hunters through executive orders.


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