firstforhuntersammunitionThis week, SCI joined other members of the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP), a consortium of 42 organizations representing more than six million individual members, in sending a letter to ATF Director Jones expressing concern about the proposed new regulatory “framework” the agency has put forward to justify the banning of common rifle ammunition.   Such a ban could reduce the amount of Pittman-Robertson excise taxes collected on the sale of ammunition, which provide vital funding for wildlife management activities across the country.

In addition to the issues covered in the letter, SCI is also concerned that this proposed new regulatory authority could be extended in the future to ban virtually any centerfire rifle cartridge. 239 Members of the U.S. House have signed a letter opposing the ban, and this week they were joined by 53 Members of the U.S. Senate. The new “framework” is widely seen as a purely political maneuver to enact a White House gun control agenda that the Congress refuses to pass, and SCI will be lending its support to any and all measures opposing the ban. Watch this space for updates on this late-breaking, fast-moving battle.


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