SCI Member Beth Ryan Appointed to NM Game & Fish Commission

BethRyanSCI member Elizabeth “Beth” Atkinson Ryan of Roswell, New Mexico, was appointed by Governor Susana Martinez to the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission.

Beth is a partner at the law firm of Carson Ryan LLC, where she has an oil, gas, and energy practice. She is married to Zack Ryan of Paducah, Texas, a teacher and coach at Gateway Christian School in Roswell. They have two children, Isabelle Marie (6 years old) and Kathryn Elizabeth (18 months old).

Regarding the Commission, Beth states that “based on [her] personal passions, along with [her] agency, administrative, and legal experience, [she] feels she will be a great asset to this already dynamic group of Game Commissioners.”

One Response to “SCI Member Beth Ryan Appointed to NM Game & Fish Commission”
  1. Mia Anstine says:

    Reblogged this on Mia & LG – Sharing the Outdoors and commented:
    It’s great to see someone who has a passion for hunting, the outdoors, wildlife and conservation being appointed to the commission. Appointees should have a grasp on the big picture as Mrs. Ryan does.

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