SCI Encourages Importation of Black Rhino Trophies

blackrhino2On December 8, 2014, Safari Club International sent comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to encourage the FWS to grant permits that will allow the importation of two black rhino trophies hunted in Namibia. Namibia operates a unique sustainable-use management program for its black rhino population. Under the program, up to five post-reproductive, territorial male black rhinos are hunted each year. The program is highly regulated and provides many benefits for the conservation of the species. Removal of the rhinos that are hunted — each one pre-selected by the Namibian government — results in reduced male fighting, shorter calving intervals, reduced juvenile rhino mortality, and population growth. Additionally, each hunter pays a large donation to a conservation trust fund in Namibia that supports conservation and anti-poaching efforts to protect black rhinos and other species in Namibia. If importation is allowed, the trust fund will receive $550,000 from the two hunters who wish to import their trophies. SCI’s comments demonstrate why the FWS’s decision should be obvious – allow importation!



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