Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Defeats Lead Ammunition Petition

firstforhuntersammunitionOn November 13th, during the scheduled Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting, the Commission members voted to protect the use of traditional lead ammunition for all sporting purposes. The Commission rejected a citizen petition filed by a Broomfield resident who requested a total ban of traditional ammunition made with lead components. Safari Club International joined a number of our colleagues in sending a letter to the Commission opposing this poorly conceived idea. Traditional lead ammunition used by hunters has not been scientifically proven to harm to wildlife populations or pose health risks to humans.  The available evidence is overwhelmingly clear that traditional ammunition containing lead is still the best and least expensive form of ammunition. Any arbitrary ban on traditional ammunition would be misguided and sidestep the scientific process of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission.

In fact, banning traditional lead ammunition would adversely impact wildlife conservation funding. Had the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission not denied this frivolous petition, the cost of ammunition would have skyrocketed while hunter participation fell due to excessive costs. Banning traditional ammunition indicates that higher ammunition prices will keep sportsmen and women out of the field, resulting in fewer license sales and decreased revenue for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.

SCI is thankful for all the SCI Colorado members who helped protect traditional ammunition use for their fellow sportsmen and women.


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