SCI Litigation Team Needs Input from Hunters and Outfitters

elephantsatwaterfirstforhunters052114The SCI Litigation team is continuing the fight in court challenging the importation bans for sport hunted elephants from Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Since the importation bans have been in effect for several months, SCI wants to show the court that, as predicted, the bans are harming the hunting community and conservation efforts for the elephants. SCI would like to show concrete evidence to the court that  the bans have caused hunters to cancel their 2014 elephant hunts and that the cancellations are resulting in less income for the Professional Hunters and Outfitters and less revenues dedicated to anti-poaching efforts and elephant conservation programs. SCI has already heard from several hunters whose 2014 elephant hunts in Zimbabwe and Tanzania have been affected by the bans as well as from some of the Professional Hunters and Outfitters who have lost bookings as a result of the bans. If you have cancelled your 2014 elephant hunt or a PH or outfitter whose clients have cancelled their hunts and you have not already contacted us, please email Anna Seidman, Director of Litigation at




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