SCI and SCIF Attend CITES Standing Committee Meeting in Geneva

lobbyist-on-capitol-steps-300x200The Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) held its 65th Standing Committee meeting from July 7-11 in Geneva.  Jeremy Clare and Matt Eckert represented SCI and SCI Foundation at the meeting, respectively.

African elephants and rhinos were two topics of priority for SCI and the Foundation.  Poaching of both animals is a serious issue, and the Standing Committee addressed anti-poaching efforts on multiple occasions. Fortunately, none of the recommendations made by the

Standing Committee implicated hunting as a problem.  Many of the countries that are members of CITES understand the value and benefits that hunting can bring to both elephants and rhinos, but others still do not acknowledge the positive role that hunting can play.

Jeremy and Matt each joined several working groups that will discuss and work on various issues between now and the next Standing Committee meeting (September 2015) or the next Conference of the Parties (Fall 2016).  As always, SCI and SCI Foundation will continue to represent the interests of our members and the hunting community in the working groups and at future CITES meetings.


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