SCI Member Kendall Jones Supporters Respond to Critics

kendalljonesDue to the mass amount of media inquiries regarding Kendall Jones recent African Safari, her family, friends, and supporters wish to issue a statement on her behalf.

First and foremost, it’s imperative to make mention that all of Kendall’s hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa were 100% legal with proper tags and licenses awarded on a pre-approved quota by the countries officials and wildlife department.

Secondly, the tags, licenses, and fees purchased in addition to the services provided by local trackers, skinners, and assistants totaled over $160,000 USD, not including travel and/or production costs.  In Zimbabwe, 70% of the country’s population is classified as poor or extremely poor.  This money can provide a great deal of stimulus for the local economies in addition to the estimated $200 million annually of which hunters contribute to the overall African economy.  In the most rural areas, where many of these hunts take place, a majority of the people are unemployed and depend on bartering as a way of living.  We’re very proud of Kendall and Cody in not only helping to conserve these species for future generations, but also for helping contribute both money and jobs to an extremely poor area of Africa.

At this point, we are still on pace to air the content of Kendall’s hunts in early 2015.  With regards to the death threats Kendall has received from various members of activist organizations, we would simply ask that these folks consider if threatening to murder a human being for 100% legal behavior makes you worthy of the freedom to express your love for animals.  Although our ideologies may be differ from those making threats, we, as a family, still have a profound respect for human life and the law.

Please direct any additional requests through Kendall’s Facebook page at


Thank you,

Family, Friends, and Supporters of Kendall Jones

15 Responses to “SCI Member Kendall Jones Supporters Respond to Critics”
  1. Stephanie says:

    Don’t let them ruin you, Kendall. Stay strong, and keep doing what you love. They all eat hamburgers and have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • Steve Van Lieshout says:

      Isn’t it amazing how the liberals always lecture us on tolerance, as long as we all agree ONLY with their positions “hook, line, and sinker”!
      The anti’s are part of the liberal group that somehow has given themselves the ability and responsibility to dictate what activities will be allowed that others will be allowed to partake. I often have wondered where I can sign up to be in the group which gets to dictate what activities the liberals will be allowed to do!
      – Anti’s will spend all sorts of money to stop us from doing what we like to do, but spent next to nothing to support the animal resource that they pretend to protect.
      – +95% of all conservation is paid for by directly by hunters and fishermen.
      – Africa is a protein starved continent. 99.9% of all the game animals which are harvested go directly to the natives.
      – The camps employ people who would not likely have any employment opportunities if it were not for hunting and hunting related activities.
      – Wardens and anti-poacher enforcement is paid for by hunting fees and donations of hunting organizations such as SCI.
      – Many of our SCI members bring out of date American medicines to Africa for the natives. They are not allowed to be used here but work just fine in areas with limited medical services and medicines.
      Just what do the anti-hunters support?
      I wonder if their hamburger at McDonalds died of old age. I guess killing an animal is allowed if it is killed out of sight of the end user and comes in a plastic wrapped package with a price tag on it!
      Young lady, you should have nothing but PRIDE as a result of your actions!
      God Bless!

  2. Jason says:

    It’s disappointing that anti-hunting propaganda empowers people to disparage people like Kendall. She should be proud of her accomplishments and contribution to society as one of the few youngsters willling to adventure beyond the TV.

  3. Serge M. d'Elia says:

    Congratulations to Kendall . It is gratifying for an 80 year old Life member of SCI , NRA , FNAWS , to see the enthusiasm and morally defined ethics she brings to our mutual passion . You are beautiful , Kendall , God bless you and yours and grant you many more great trips and successes afield.
    Serge M. d’Elia , Casper , Wyoming .

  4. Harold Lee says:

    The threats, unfortunately, are not uncommon from the extreme animal rights groups. Her hunt was legal, as said above, and will help more to enhance the animal populations in Africa that anything the animal rights groups have done.

  5. Steve Van Lieshout says:

    Congratulations young lady. You are accomplishing what many of us can only dream of!
    Isn’t it amazing how the liberals are always lecturing us about tolerance, but they themselves never are tolerant unless you agree completely with their opinions, positions, and approved activities!
    So much for living within the USA enjoying freedom!

  6. Steven Pool says:

    I am a Red Raider Alumni, a Life Member of Safari Club International and a Life Member of Dallas Safari Club. I am proud of her and her accomplishments. I have hunted both countries myself. I know for fact the words you say above are true about the tags, licenses and fees. I also know Corey Knowlton and what he went thru too. Stick with your believes and values in life. You did not do anything wrong. Keep your chin up and Go Red Raiders! You have a lot of us supporting you!!

  7. We must support Kendall and push back against those that intimate her and make venomous threats. Such behavior must be viewed as beyond the breadth of a civil social order and thus, consequences must be extracted from those that violate that civil order. Appropriate rhetoric must be crafted and effective persuasive strategies must be employed to counter this anti-hunting assault. Whereas reasonable fair-minded persons may differ on the merits or legitimacy of killing certain animals, no legitimacy should be granted to those that threaten and intimidate Kendall or any other hunter.

  8. sorry for my error.. we must push back against those that intimidate her…..

  9. Phil Packer says:

    Over the 45 years that I have hunted, I have observed a change in the perception of the sport I love by people who do not hunt. It used to be envy of people who knew how to enjoy the outdoors and the challenge of the hunt. It has grown to a frenzied hatred toward those who actually hunt, from a very small but very vocal group of the non hunters who believe that they are the only ones with a real perspective although they never enter the wild to pit themselves against anything. Several years ago in the early 70s there were three countries along with Zimbabwe that each had approximately 20K elephants. The three countries bowing to their perceived land use plans and the wizards of the “conservationists” outlawed elephant hunting while Zimbabwe decided to make elephant hunting a major part of their economy. By the late 80s there was less than 5K elephants in those three countries while Zimbabwe’s herd had more than tripled in size. The best conservation work is done when you link economic improvement with wise herd management.
    The dumbing down of America is an ongoing problem. The most spiritually healthy people I know are hunters. I’m a bow hunter and I’m very proud of my friends that make up my Hunting family. Don;t sweat the small stuff (unless it’s a coral snake) See you down the trail…..

  10. rogn p says:

    It is a great shame that in so many ways the histrionic minorities are able to force public opinion with emotional tirades against legal, socially responsible and scientifically supported behavior. We as group tend o preach to the choir more that presenting factual views to the majority of our populace who have no contact with these issues other than the negative hyperbolae expressed by the “liberal” extremists. I call them liberals but they are unprincipled and emotionally driven. Again we need to provide or disseminate the information that hunters as a whole are animal supportive both through action and financial support, as opposed to the little the activists do as actual animal conservation and welfare.

  11. rogn p says:

    I should have added that a few years back that our family immediate and extended made a trip to SA and in the course of a 2 week legal hunt spent well over 50000$ which directly supported at least 20 local people in the Limpopo. Much of this money was directed at control of poaching, and the conservation of wildlife. This small contribution probably exceeds all the contributions of all “activists” in the same year period. Yes Miss Kendal deserves all our support and protection from these would be terrorists.

  12. Kirk Steward says:

    I think that a lot of ignorant people are making a lot of noise about this young lady just to push an irrational, emotional agenda that isn’t based on any facts or even common sense. I spent all of 10 minutes researching this young lady’s Safaris before I discovered that EVERY animal taken was done legally, ethically, well within the principles of fair chase and also at a great benefit to the hosts of the Safari, the surrounding areas and the conservation efforts that they promote.

    Of course, all that the anti-hunting agenda is based on is an irrational, emotional response that is not tempered with facts, logic, or reality, regardless of what group is pushing it. They just see a hunter with a dead animal that THEY, in their ignorance, don’t think should have been killed and they get all upset. Then they go so far as to entice others to their irrational, emotional cause with passionate rhetoric. The problem is that there are too many concrete dwellers these days who erroneously believe that meat comes from Styrofoam plates wrapped in cellophane and so they blindly and hypocritically join this cause while they eat their bacon cheeseburger and chicken wings!

    This is why Hunters oppose all anti-hunting agendas! It is not because we are “bloodthirsty sociopaths who just enjoy killing things for the fun of it” (YES, anti-hunting groups have accused me of this and much, much worse and I have even received death threats against me and my family just for being a hunter) Us hunters don’t just go off half-cocked with an irrational, emotionally driven agenda based on ignorance and erroneous information like the anti-hunting groups like to do. Hunters are the single largest and greatest Conservationist group on the planet. We LOVE animals and we do everything we possibly can to see to their safety and well being. We just understand from a rational, reasoned out, logical, educated, realistic, common sense driven, historically accurate and demonstrably correct approach, that well regulated hunting is an absolute necessity in the grand scope of long term conservation.


    God bless and protect Kendall for what she has done to help the
    African communities by spending money for her hunts in those communities. The irrational threats come from irrational groups of activists that no nothing about the conservation of animals, especially those in Africa. Some of these groups have been known to go to dog or cat shows to poison animals in animal porter carriers, because they feel they should not be kept there even temporarily. It seems now that they are after humans that do not meet their ideals and agendas.

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