California Proposing Ammunition Buyer Registration!

sunsethunterfirstforhunters030614Hunters and shooters in California need to act quickly and decisively to derail SB53 that would require anyone purchasing ammunition, pass a Department of Justice background check and pay an authorization fee in order to purchase any ammunition in the state. The bill is set for hearing next Tuesday, June 10 and would be devastating to the hunting and recreational shooting community!

The summary below shows how passage of this bill would affect the rights of hunters and shooters throughout the state:

SB 53 (de Leon) Ammunition: purchase permits – would require that anyone who purchases ammunition, with some exceptions, first be authorized by the State Department of Justice to do so. A fee would be charged for the authorization which requires passage of a background check. Authorization would be valid for two years after which it would have to be renewed.

This would apply to all ammunition and would reinstate the following provisions of law that were previously enacted but did not take effect because of a court ruling that the definition of handgun ammunition used was unconstitutionally vague: 1) Ammunition sales could only be made in a “face to face” transaction, thus making internet and mail order ammunition sales illegal; 2) The vendor would have to record personal information about the purchaser, including obtaining a signature and thumbprint, and 3) The brand, type, and amount of ammunition purchased would be recorded for each transaction. The purchaser would then be checked by the Department of Justice to determine if he or she is prohibited from owning firearms and ammunition.

SB 53 would apply to all ammunition (rifle, shotgun, and handgun), including hunting ammunition. Ammunition offered for sale could not be on display in a location that is accessible to customers without the assistance of the vendor or a vendor employee.

Ammunition vendors would have to obtain an ammunition vendor license from the Department of Justice.

It is critical that all lawful firearms owners contact the members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee as well as your state legislators and express your vehement opposition to SB53! This bill would do nothing to solve the problems stemming from the illegal use of firearms, but would greatly interfere with the rights of individuals to use firearms for hunting or any other legal purpose!

Click here to find the Assembly Member for your ZIP code, or contact Governor Jerry Brown directly by Phone: 916-445-2841  Fax: 916-558-3160 or email.


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