SCI Canada Supports Prime Minister’s National Conservation Plan

PMStephenHarperOn May 15, 2014 Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a nationwide conservation plan to invest$250 million for wildlife management and improved hunting and fishing opportunities throughout Canada. Safari Club International Canada (SCI-Canada) Jason St. Michael serves on the government’s Hunter and Angler Advisory Panel to strategically advise on the best opportunities for conservation, management, and hunting opportunities.

“Hunting is not only a way of life for many citizens, it is our heritage,” said SCI President Craig Kauffman. “As conservationists, we are so appreciative and excited to work with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “By supporting habitat protection, preservation and restoration, we believe the National Conservation plan will help to support all wildlife and the associated activities to the benefit of all Canadians.”

The National Conservation Plan…” will provide a more coordinated approach to conservation efforts across the country with an emphasis on enabling Canadians to conserve and restore lands and waters in and around their communities, and making it easier for citizens living in cities to connect with nature. The NCP will include significant additional investments over five years to secure ecologically sensitive lands, support voluntary conservation and restoration actions, and strengthen marine and coastal conservation…”

“With expertise on wildlife conservation across North America and globally, Safari Club looks forward to assisting Prime Minister Harper implement the National Conservation Strategy over the next five years,” concluded Kauffman.



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