Lobby Day Deadline Extended – Register Now!

DCcapitolfirstforhunters012914Due to tremendous response for Lobby Day:  We have extended the deadline to register to Friday, April 25th.  In the wake of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s abrupt suspension of 2014 elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe and Tanzania, Safari Club International needs your help now more than ever. Please register by completing the form below, a member of our staff will contact you to complete your registration.

It is important that every SCI member make an effort to make the journey to Washington, DC on Thursday May 8, 2014 to attend SCI’s Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.  Hundreds of meetings with Congress and Administration officials will be scheduled by the SCI Hunter Advocacy team to fight this suspension, all in the name of the conservation.

It is imperative, if you are able to make it to Washington on the 8th, that you do so! 

This year alone the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  1. Has begun work to ban the sale of firearms and knives that have ivory inlays on them.
  2. Restricted elephant importations to 2 per year, per hunter; which we believe is in violation of the law.
  3. Has banned elephant imports completely from Zimbabwe and Tanzania.
  4. Is taking up the polar bear issue AGAIN at CITES
  5. Is considering listing of the lion under the Endangered Species Act

This administration has clearly decided that we are a target. You need to be with us on May 8th, 2014 to take a stand for our sport. If you cannot make it, we hope you can spread the message to others to attend on behalf of hunters everywhere. At the very minimum, we ask that you contact your congressman via email to oppose the trophy import ban. Quite frankly, this is the year that we need to take the fight to them and make our voices heard in Washington, DC.


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