SCI Moves Feds Foward on Elephant Imports from Zimbabwe!

Elephant1firstforhunters040714USFWS Revises Decision, WILL Allow Retroactive 2014 Elephant Imports!

Safari Club International (SCI) is encouraged by the United States Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) decision today to revise the April 4, 2014, finding that suspended imports of elephants from Zimbabwe and Tanzania for 2014. Under the revision elephant trophies legally taken from Zimbabwe from January 1, 2014 until April 4, 2014 will be allowed to be imported.  The hunter will just need to be able to demonstrate to USFWS Office of Law Enforcement that the hunt occurred before that date in order to import the trophy.

SCI is hopeful that this revision is just the first step in a process of rescinding of the suspension of elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe and Tanzania.  This haphazard decision to suspend imports based on “anecdotal evidence” will have a profound negative impact on elephant conservation.  The Director of CAMPFIRE Association of Zimbabwe and noted conservationist, Charles Jonga, has stated that this suspension “poses an unprecedented threat to all future conservation efforts of the African Elephant in rural areas of Zimbabwe”.

SCI continues to request that USFWS completely lift the suspension before the millions of dollars hunters invest in conservation in Africa completely dry up, and as a result exponentially increases poaching in the process due to loss of critical enforcement in the field.



2 Responses to “SCI Moves Feds Foward on Elephant Imports from Zimbabwe!”
  1. Alex dirks says:

    What does FSW want outside of the standard paperwork that comes with the tusks when they where imported to prove that they where taken before the April 4th announcement? This has not been clarified.

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