SCI Action Alert! Contact Your Congressman Today!

Elephant1firstforhunters040714SCI is urging all its members to contact their Congressional representatives to voice your concern about the recent U.S. FWS unilateral ban the importation of sport-hunted elephants from Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Click on the link and help overturn this disastrous ruling. Let your elected representatives know this could have a dramatic negative impact on elephant populations and open the door for poachers.


2 Responses to “SCI Action Alert! Contact Your Congressman Today!”
  1. John Hawley says:

    I really wish you would stop avoiding science, history, and reason. How could you vote for this? You don’t know anything about hunting.

    Your ignorance is killing a great hobby which, by the way is the only thing saving animals such as elephants and lions.

    Eliminating hunting is tantamount to eliminating the species!!!

  2. Ian Chase-Dunn says:

    The only defense in combating poaching in Africa comes from viable use of Animals. Ie controlled hunting under conservation guidelines. Ban hunting of Lion and Elephant hunting in these countries will ensure there doom. Programs such as campfire in Zimbabwe are unvelieveable success. Plus the unchecked harvest of Elephant in non poached areas will be an extreme hardship on viable food sources if gone unchecked with to many animals. Just look at Botswana. Allowing hunters to take there trophies ensures much needed monetary input into these very very poor countries who derive an incredible amount of revenue from Elephant and Safari hunters alike. Not to mention the 10s of thousands of lost jobs. The hunting and import of ivory by sport hunters is a win win scenario. The ban on ivory imports by viable Sport Hunters is a lose lose. It’s that simple. Hunters stop poaching- Not governments

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