SCI Moving Forward With Legal Challenge To California Mountain Lion Import Ban

SCI’s leadership has authorized the Litigation team to move forward with a legal challenge to California’s ban on the importation and possession of mountain lions legally hunted in other states.  In response to an “Action Alert” to gauge members’ interest in this issue, over 120 members expressed strong support for such a lawsuit.  The Litigation team will be contacting some of the members who responded to determine the members’ interest in providing factual statements in support of the lawsuit.

The overwhelming response of support from our members on this issue was unprecedented in SCI litigation history.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to use statements from each and every one of our members that contacted us in response to the Action Alert.  If you responded to the original Action Alert but do not hear from the Litigation team in the next month, it does not mean that we do not need or appreciate your assistance. It means only that we have assembled all of the statements that we require at this time and that we will be keeping your information on file for potential future litigation needs.  Once again, we thank all of our members who contacted us to help us with this important litigation effort.

3 Responses to “SCI Moving Forward With Legal Challenge To California Mountain Lion Import Ban”
  1. Kenn Womack says:

    I was a resident of CA for 68 years. One of the reasons I moved from that state was to get away from the oppressive restrictions placed on residents including the ban on importation and possession of legally taken cougars. The first hunt I booked after moving was for a cougar, which I successfully took this winter.
    Kenn Womack
    Life Member.

  2. andrew pontious says:

    I have just become a new member to SCI. I am a California resident, who is sick of politics managing California’s wildlife. The mountain lions need to managed.

  3. Dean Hendrickson says:

    I’ve been a taxidermist for 34 years. I used to live in CA until 1998. For years, I sent my capes and hides to New Method Fur Dressing up near S.F. to have tanned. I now live in CO. and usually get in around 20 lion hides to mount each year. I can’t even send my lion hides to CA to have them tanned, New Method can’t accept lions from out of state to tan. So yes, the law is definitely hurting CA. businesses.

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