Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill to Stop Cougar Hunting!

Safari Club International applauds Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman for vetoing LB 671, a bill that would outlaw mountain lion hunting and eliminate the science-based management of mountain lions in Nebraska. SCI also wants to applaud the pressure Nebraskan hunters put on Governor Heineman. Without your phone calls and support, LB 671 might have been signed into law.

This bill, LB 671, introduced by Senator Ernie Chambers, would have repealed 2012 legislation that authorized mountain lion hunting in Nebraska by allowing the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to provide permits for hunting mountain lions. Governor Heineman signed this bill into law in 2012 after it passed in the Legislature with a vote of 49-0.

In Governor Heineman’s veto letter he acknowledges that Nebraskans expect responsible wildlife management and LB 671 eliminates a very important tool to accomplish it. Governor Heineman was also concerned that the bill could be unconstitutional because of a recent statewide vote that placed hunting, fishing and trapping rights in the Nebraska constitution.

Governor Heineman vetoing LB 671 is not only a huge win for Nebraska but hunters throughout the country.

One Response to “Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill to Stop Cougar Hunting!”
  1. Gene says:

    Senator Chambers needs to work on issues with people in his district, Omaha to be exact and let those out west deal with issues there. Just one more example of a politician “fixing” a problem they haven’t a clue on.

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