Hunting, Conservation Leaders Participate in AWCP Meeting

DCcolumnsfirstforhunters022114On March 11, 2014, over 35 national hunting and conservation NGO’s convened at their spring meeting in Denver, Colorado. This coalition of organizations includes over 45 colleague organizations to Safari Club International.  These organizations are collectively referred to as the American Wildlife Conservation Partners. For 2014, Safari Club International’s Director of Government Affairs, Melissa Simpson, is the acting chair for the American Wildlife Conservation Partners.

It had been six years  since American Wildlife Conservation Partners last visited Denver. During that previous meeting in Denver, the organizations, along with representatives of the U.S. Forest Service, BLM, FWS, CEQ, and the White House created issue specific white papers for “Strengthening America’s Hunting Heritage and Wildlife Conservation in the 21 Century: Challenges and Opportunities.” You can read that document here: These white papers ultimately became the guideposts to the Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan, which has been a priority document now for the hunting community since its publication.  These two documents have been the main policy drivers for Wildlife for the 21st Century Volume IV (W21 IV) that outlines the current policy priorities American Wildlife Conservation Partner organizations.

Much has been done to accomplish the 58 actions set forth in the Conservation Plan.  The agenda on March 11th focused on progress reports for the 10 recommendations (and associated actions) in W21 IV. The accomplishments of our community will soon be posted on


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