Hunter Defense Fund Charts Course to Protect Our Heritage

Captain Scott O'Grady

Captain Scott O’Grady

The Hunter Defense Fund, the first Super Political Action Committee created to the sole defense of our hunting heritage, received over $170,000 in donations on Saturday February 8, 2014. The Hunter Defense Fund has two primary goals. Making our issues of hunting and conservation an issue in federal elections and making sure pro-hunting candidates win in their fights against anti-hunters. Through the amazing donations of attendees during the 2014 SCI Hunters’ Convention we can make these fights real.

The Hunter Defense Fund hosted a Saturday lunch, which raised $140,000. During lunch attendees heard from Captain Scott O’Grady – a veteran who told his personal story of being shot down in Bosnia, surviving for 6 days alone in the wilderness, and his fortitude to keep fighting when facing insurmountable odds. His testimonial before the rapt crowd was a reflection of why he chose to fight and why coming home to a country that preserved our freedoms of speech, the right to bear arms, and the freedom to hunt was so important. The Hunter Defense Fund is proud to continue the fight with hunters like Captain O’Grady.

Olivia Opre

Olivia Opre

He was joined on stage by two hunters who have endured highly publicized attacks as they defended our hunting heritage.   Diana Award winner Olivia Opre gave an emotional reading of the threats against her and her family that she has endured from the animal rights’ community. The Hunter Defense Fund believes that these vile attacks should be stopped and will explore all ways to protect hunters like Olivia. So long as we have funding, we will fight to protect them, their families, and the freedom to hunt.

The luncheon concluded with special guest Melissa Bachman. Her lion hunt in South Africa sparked a national debate on how sustainable use conservation is the front line defense against poachers, but it also sparked off a firestorm by the anti-hunting zealots. These anti-hunters issued public death threats, and some even went so far as to use stolen cars to get to her house! We must do everything in our power to protect those who are advocates for our sport and who want to see the next generation take to the woods in the pursuit of game.

As a special event, Captain O’Grady auctioned off a once in a lifetime black bear hunt in Vancouver, BC with Darren DeLuca of Vancouver Island Outfitters during the February

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

8, 2014 auction. The hunt will be during the 20 year anniversary of his being shot down over enemy lines. His generous hunt donation raised $30,000 for the Hunter Defense Fund, for a total of $170,000 raised in the fight to protect hunting.

A special thanks to all sponsors of the 2nd Annual Hunter Defense Fund Luncheon, including the chapters, corporations, and individuals who went above the call of duty to contribute. Go to to learn more.

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