Hunting and Fishing Under Fire in Nebraska!


February 27, 2014 (Washington, D.C.) – Nebraska L 671, introduced by Senator Ernie Chambers, seeks to eliminate the science-based management of mountain lions in Nebraska. Mountain lion populations have expanded considerably in recent years, requiring the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to manage the population with a limited permit hunting opportunity. Hunting and fishing have always been the preferred method of fish and wildlife management in the United States, and because of the American System of Conservation Funding, hunters and anglers are the very reason we have such abundant fish and wildlife populations today. Allowing this bill to pass would set a dangerous precedent by letting the misguided, anti-hunting agendas of a few to supersede the very science-based wildlife management approach responsible for the restoration of mountain lions, deer, elk, turkeys and numerous other wildlife species.

As it has for the last 100 years, the future of wildlife conservation depends on science-based management, and hunters play an active role in its success. This bill does nothing to help Nebraska’s mountain lion population or any other species of wildlife in the state. Instead, it simply undermines the future of hunting and fishing in America’s heartland.


Contact Your Nebraska Senator and demand they Support Science based wildlife manage. Tell them to vote NO on L 671.

2 Responses to “Hunting and Fishing Under Fire in Nebraska!”
  1. Bruce Fletcher says:

    I live in California where the management of mountain lions was taken away from the Department of Fish and Game. Since that time Mountain Lion populations have exploded and deer populations have plummeted. Attacks on people and lethal attacks on children have happened but they seem to get little press. The states way of controlling mountain lion populations now is if there is a “problem” such as a sighting near a school bus stop then a professional trapper is brought in if the wardens cannot catch or kill the lion. It’s another way of banning hunting. !0 years ago a man and his wife were attacked close to my home in Eureka, California by a starving young female lion. The man was basically scalped and his wife saved him by taking a ball point pen and sticking the lion in the eye. These people were in their 70s. I guess the point I am trying to make to Nebraska is don’t let what happened to us, happen to you. You should toss this idiot Chambers out of office
    and keep the population controlled through hunting. Once the tree huggers and animal rights people get a foot in the door you are screwed.

  2. Kristin Cook says:

    ERNIE CHAMBERS!! That idiot is STILL in the legislature?!?! He is certifiable and anyone who supports anything he does, should not be re-elected. I am 40 years old, and I can’t remember a time when this “crackpot” hasn’t been in the legislature, and he’s been a joke the whole time. He keeps getting re-elected because, let’s face it, his constituents aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. This is the same man who sued God, so I think NE Wildlife and Fisheries aren’t probably too worried.

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