Virginia General Assembly Passes Repeal of Ban on Sunday Hunting

WDCstatuefirstforhunters022114Washington DC – Safari Club International congratulates the lawmakers of the commonwealth of Virginia on their bi-partisan triumph in both houses of the General Assembly by passing legislation to allow hunting on private property on Sundays.

“This legislative victory was a huge accomplishment and a will do nothing but great things for the people of the commonwealth,” said Melissa Simpson, SCI Director of Government Affairs and Public Relations and Virginia resident.  “Not only does it preserve our hunting heritage by allowing sportsmen another day to take the next generation of hunters into the field, it also creates jobs for the people of Virginia.  We thank all in the sportsmen’s community who worked hard in this fight to make our voice heard in Richmond.”

Lifting the ban on Sunday hunting in Virginia will create up to 2,568 new jobs across the commonwealth. It would thus increase wages by $52,383,152 and have a direct economic impact to the commonwealth of $121,112,112.  Simply put, allowing Sunday hunting improves the economy of Virginia.

Further, the Game and Inland Fisheries Commission supports Sunday hunting, and the professional staff at Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has stated that a prohibition on Sunday hunting serves no biological or conservation purpose.

In the final step in the legislative process, the State Senate last week passed the repeal of the old 19th Century Blue Law preventing Sunday hunting. The House of Delegates passed the bill in January. Both votes had bi-partisan support.  The bill now goes to Gov. Terry McAuliffe to be signed into law. The legislation allows Sunday hunting on private land during designated hunting seasons by hunters who have the written permission of landowners.


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