Safari Club Defends Hunting in Latin America

Latinamericaantihuntingfirstforhunters012914Over the last few years SCI has monitored the growth of the anti-hunting and anti-firearm factions in Latin America.  We faced a few setbacks as both Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic instituted complete bans on hunting. However, this summer these issues came to a head in Argentina, as legislators introduced a bill that would have banned hunting in their country.  Fortunately, SCI’s chapters were able to kill this legislation quietly before it made news, but the threats in Latin America are growing and need a response.

To help deal with these threats, SCI has been working with one of our global partners, the World Forum on Shooting Activities and numerous Latin American organizations on a plan to combat the heavily-funded global anti-hunting movement. Last week at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, months of planning culminated in SCI announcing the creation of a new coalition to support the legal ownership of firearms in Latin America. This coalition, the Latin American Coalition for Legal Firearms (known as “CALL”), will help organize the diverse groups of hunters and shooters across the region so that they can stand united against the continuing threats to hunting and shooting. SCI is proud to support this effort.

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