Attack Continues In Maine Against Bear Hunting

blackbearcrosshairsTen years ago HSUS tried to end bear hunting in Maine, and they are back in 2013! SCI’s Nelson Freeman recently traveled north to get an update from the coalition protecting your freedom to hunt in Maine. The HSUS and its partners are advancing a petition to ban the most common forms of bear hunting throughout the state of Maine, including hounding, baiting, and trapping. All are commonly used methods of hunting and are supported by the professional wildlife biologists of the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. The HSUS and their cronies are out fundraising and collecting signatures to get their language on the 2014 ballot. Right now SCI’s membership in Maine along with the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance of Maine, the Maine Professional Guides Association and others are organizing a campaign to fight the HSUS. We’ll continue to keep every SCI member informed on this fight to protect bear hunting. If you are interested in being involved in the campaign as a volunteer, please contact us immediately. If you are a passionate bear hunter, a professional bear guide (regardless of your home state), or  you simply want to help finance the fight to protect bear hunting, please contact Nelson Freeman, SCI’s Deputy Director of Government Affairs at today.


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