SCI Joins Suit to Defend Against Latest Three Antelope Challenge

On December 3, SCI was granted intervenor status in the latest lawsuit filed by an animal rights group to undermine scimitar-horned oryx, dama gazelle and addax conservation in the United States.  The suit was filed by Friends of Animals, whose president, Priscilla Feral, told a reporter from CBS’s 60 minutes that if they were to be hunted, she would rather the antelope in Texas “not exist at all.”

 As a party to the lawsuit, SCI will defend the program by which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issues permits to private ranches, enabling them to cull members of their herds.  The ranches sell those culling opportunities to individual hunters.  Through these sales, ranches generate the revenue necessary to raise, breed and care for their herds.  Culling of the herds also enables ranchers to maintain genetically diversity.

As always, SCI members played a huge role in SCI’s efforts to join the case.  Numerous SCI members answered SCI’s Litigation team’s request for assistance.  They provided statements that SCI filed with the court to demonstrate SCI and its members’ interest in the outcome of the litigation.

SCI has been working for almost a decade to defend hunting as a means of sustainable use conservation for these three antelope species.  In addition to its participation in this and three other lawsuits concerning the three species, SCI filed a petition with the FWS seeking to have the U.S. populations removed from the endangered species list.  SCI also recently filed an appeal of a case concerning the FWS’s initial decision to list the three species as endangered.

If you would like to support SCI’s efforts to protect continued hunting opportunities for the three antelope species in the U.S., please make a financial contribution.  Make your check out to SCI and be sure to put “Litigation” in the memo line of the check.  Send your contribution to SCI, c/o Anna Seidman, Director of Litigation, 501 2nd Street NE, Washington, D.C.  20002.




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