Call for Comments: Wolf Delisting

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Last week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed to remove all gray wolves in the lower 48 states from the Endangered Species list (except wolves of the Southwest or Mexican wolves).  SCI agrees with the Service that no further gray wolf recovery is necessary and that the gray wolf does not qualify for endangered status.

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, the FWS published a notice of the proposed rule in the Federal Register.  Note that this is only a proposed rule, and there is still a lot of work to be done before the rule can be finalized.  One way SCI members can help the FWS to finalize the rule is by submitting a comments.  The FWS is required to accept comments from the public until September 11, 2013.

SCI encourages its members to submit comment letters on this very important issue.  A truly effective and informative letter should contain more than a statement indicating support for the proposed rule.  Comments should include facts, personal experiences and scientific support whenever it is available.

Consider including your thoughts or information you may have on any of the following:

  • Whether or not gray wolves are recovered in all or any particular portion of the lower 48 U.S.
  • Whether or not states are capable of managing their wolf populations.
  • Whether or not states with wolf populations that have already been delisted (e.g. Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan) are conducting effective and successful state management of their wolves.
  • Whether sustainable hunting can assist in the management and conservation of gray wolves throughout the lower 48.

Please do not hesitate to include with your letter:

  • Any scientific information that supports the proposed delisting.
  • Any other information that is pertinent or supports the proposed delisting.

Encourage your friends, family members, colleagues or anyone else you know that might have important information that supports the delisting to also submit their comments.  Contact individuals you know with expertise and/or experience in biology and wildlife management and inform them of this important comment opportunity.

Animal rights groups and their members will flood the FWS with letters indicating their disagreement with the proposal.  SCI members must provide the FWS with well-reasoned and well documented comments in support of the delisting to show the FWS that this is not a one-sided issue.

Click here and follow the instructions from the Federal Register notice to submit a comment letter.

One Response to “Call for Comments: Wolf Delisting”
  1. Stanley T. Burk says:

    We need full ability to balance the predation of wolves that have been forced ion us by our Federal government. They are now depleting or game to the point of no open mule deer season, deer in our upper mid elevations are mostly non existant and elk have moved from all our high and mid range country trying to survive along outskirts of populated areas to protect themselves.
    Our elk no longer freely bugle as it’s a dinner bell. The deer we have are in our yards and we frequently have mountain lions trying to feed in and around our home buildings and property.
    My wife has had three mouse tags in twenty four years. The first tag she took the 26th moose we saw on the 5th day we hunted. The second she harvested a big bull on the first day she hunted and it was the 5th moose we saw that morning.
    Two years ago she drew a moose tag and we hunted 14 days morning and evening in traditionally perfect habitat areas and she finally took a small bull the 14th day which was the 4th we saw all together. In the days when we had moose here, the Indians came and harvested more then we did by permit. We had hundreds of moose then and now we have depleted #’s and loosing more every year.
    Allow us all means to balance what is totally out of balance with no common sense. I’m a third generation here and we would like someone to acknowledge that we have lived here and participated in our wildlife and surroundings and know more then people from a distance who are over-riding common sense out of ignorance. Stanley T. Burk

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