Bills to Protect Rights to Hunt, Fish and Trap Must Be Signed Into Law

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Take A Minute To Call Governor Snyder

Bills to Protect Rights to Hunt, Fish and Trap Must Be Signed Into Law

Dear SCI members,

Safari Club International Members have been extremely vocal supports of sustainable use and sound wildlife management in Michigan for a generation. And over the last month, you have been the most supportive group to pass legislation that allows Michigan’s wildlife to be managed in a scientific manner. You have called your representatives and senators telling them to Pass SB 288 and 289.

Today the Michigan House of representatives passed the bills with bi-partisan vote of 72-38.

Now is the time for action by Governor Snyder! Please call him TODAY and tell him that SB 288 and 289 will protect wildlife management and hunting in Michigan.

Call Governor Snyder now at (517) 373-3400!

 About the legislation: SB 288 and 289 allow the Natural Resources Commission to name game species and make fisheries orders under their mandate to use sound science, which over 68% of Michiganders voted for through 1996’s Proposal G. They also provide free hunting and fishing licenses to active-duty members of our military, and establish a right to hunt and fish in state law.

These bills also mean that out-of-state anti-hunters will no longer be able to restrict hunting rights using 30-second commercials and endless ballot referendums. Wildlife decisions will finally be made based on sound science, just as you voted for with Proposal G!

The Time For Action Is NOW! Call Governor Snyder at (517) 373-3400 and ask him to sign SB 288 and 289 immediately!


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