Act Now to Stop the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty



The United Nations is currently in final negotiations for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This treaty has the alleged goal of reducing the illicit trade in arms. However the ATT is massive in scope covering every conventional weapon, from battleships and missiles to your common deer hunting rifle and ammunition. This Treaty could have extremely negative consequences for traveling hunters and it is vital that the US oppose the inclusion of civilian firearms and ammunition in the scope of the Treaty. The ATT is currently undergoing final negotiations and we expect a resolution this week. We need your help NOW.

The ATT has been in the works for more than a decade, and SCI has continually and consistently monitored its progress to protect hunters from the threats that it could pose. SCI and our partners have continually lobbied to exclude hunting firearms and ammunition entirely from the scope of the treaty.

We need every SCI member and hunter to contact the State Department and urge Secretary Kerry to oppose this dangerous treaty.

Please click here to contact your legislators now


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