Your Help is Needed to Defend Against a Legal Challenge to Wolf Hunting

SCI Members in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan

Today, the Humane Society of the United States, Born Free USA, Friends of Animals, and other groups filed suit to challenge the removal of the wolves of the Western Great Lakes from the federal endangered species list.  If this suit is successful, it will end wolf hunting and will put wolves back under federal management.  SCI is considering joining the case to defend the delisting of the wolves of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan and to protect our members’ rights and opportunities to hunt wolves and to enjoy hunting for other species that are the common prey of wolves.  In order for SCI to intervene in the case, we will need the help of SCI members who will be willing to give sworn statements that we can file in court.  We will use these statements to demonstrate SCI’s and our members’ interests in wolf hunting and sustainable use management.

If you are a current SCI member, have hunted wolves in Wisconsin or Minnesota and/or plan to hunt wolves in the future in Michigan, Wisconsin and/or Minnesota, and would be willing to work with SCI’s attorneys to prepare a written, sworn statement that can be filed in federal district court, please contact Anna Seidman at as soon as possible.


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