SNAP SHOTS: (Vol. 2: 8TH Edition)


 The Honourable Vic Toews, Federal Minister of Public Safety, yesterday announced the following:

“Our Conservative Government is proud to say that as of last night, all contents of the long-gun registry have been destroyed, except those related to Quebec. We are making our streets and communities safer by targeting criminals who use firearms, not law-abiding Canadians. Make no mistake, the tax and spend NDP will not hesitate to bring back the long gun registry. Now that these data have been deleted, they can never be recovered – even by Thomas Mulcair.”

Congratulations to all law-abiding Canadian firearms owners who worked tirelessly for years to make this happen!

Seen here , a creative way to recycle one’s firearms registrations.


SCI-Canada Congratulates Federal Government for Elimination of Gun Registry Data

November 1, 2012: For Immediate Release:

Ottawa, Canada: Safari Club International – Canada (SCI-Canada) applauds the Government of Canada and Public Safety Minister, the Honourable Vic Toews in particular, for the elimination of all of the contents of the now defunct long-gun registry pertaining to non-restricted rifles and shotguns, with the exception of those related to the province of Quebec.

Earlier this year, when Bill C-19, an act to eliminate the Canadian Long Gun Registry, became law, the already inaccurate registry data was rendered totally obsolete. The announcement today of the destruction of these files is the final act in this often very contentious saga during which previous governments attempted to unjustly discriminate against legal Canadian gun owners.

The government has clearly fulfilled its promise to Canadians to eliminate the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry and to make our streets and communities safer by targeting criminals who use firearms, not law-abiding. firearms owners in Canada.





Open houses on Okanagan wildlife management areas:     Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:10 PM

Okanagan residents are encouraged to come and share their views on two Wildlife Management Area proposals for their region at two open houses in early November



Regional Planning: Join the conversation!

A new round of consultations in the South Saskatchewan region runs Nov 6 to Dec 6. Attend a public session or complete an online workbook.



October 29, 2012


30 octobre 2012 – Maladie débilitante chronique des cervidés – Les chasseurs invités à contribuer à la surveillance



Deer Hunting Season Opens Friday:     Natural Resources:     October 25, 2012 1:58 PM

Deer hunters across the province can resume their annual tradition Friday, Oct. 26, as deer hunting season opens.

Coyote Pelt Incentive Extended Three Years:     Natural Resources:     October 12, 2012 1:46 PM

The province is extending the pelt incentive part of its plan to make families and communities safer from aggressive coyote behavior.




Government quietly confirms that gun registry data has been destroyed:     Globe and Mail
No formal news release appears to have been issued by a Conservative government that has made repeal and destruction of the long-gun registry one of its bedrock promises. Nor has the government said exactly how much taxpayer money will be saved by

How the 2012 UN Arms Trade Treaty Really Died:     Posted on October 29, 2012 by Ammoland
New York, NY- Advocacy and diplomatic discussions started again last week with the opening day of the UN General Assembly First Committee meetings.[1]  These meetings end on 6 November 2012 (Election Day in the United States), and  follow-up the failed United Nations (UN) Conference in July to formally negotiate by consensus a legally binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Editorial: How much did abolishing the gun registry really save?:     Montreal Gazette
A year ago, during the parliamentary debate on the long-gun registry, Public … The analysis concluded that scrapping the long-gun registry would save only …

Follow precautions during hunting season:    EMC St. Lawrence
EMC Editorial – Tis vacation season for hunters out there – these are the men and women who count the days until their particular hunting season opens. These are the men and women who strategize how to go about landing their targets – whatever targets …

Hunters get OK to declare war on elk on Alberta military base:     The Province
Officials at CFB Suffield say they have been told the base is home to the largest elk herd in the province, estimated at about 4,000 animals. The province is allowing hunters onto the base for the first time this fall in four special hunts for …

Charges laid in moose hunting enforcement blitz in Kemptville:     580 CFRA Radio
During the blitz, which took place Oct. 5-14, conservation officers checked 47 moose and waterfowl hunters and uncovered eight violations, which include possessing a firearm at night, wasting flesh suitable for food and exporting wildlife without a …

Letters: Pipelines, earthquake, tsunami, gun registry, Bibles, racism …:     The Province (blog)
The long-gun registry is now a dead Liberal program that should not have been implemented in the first place. I find it humorous that Françoise Boivin of the NDP and a handful of other vocal individuals continue to whine about the demise of the long …

Coyote hunt draws ire of conservationists:     Deming Headlight
Keefover also said the hunt would be of no value to farmers and ranchers, given the resiliency of coyotes. Despite the war on coyotes since the 1850s, she said, their range has expanded. “They now roam east of the Missouri River, north into Canada and …

As Minn., Wis. Seasons Begin, Wolf Hunters Explain the Draw:     WDIO-TV
Dill said he shot all three of his wolves in Canada over the course of many, many years. He authored the bill creating a wolf hunt in Minnesota, for recreation, and population management. He called them the most elusive animal in the state. “It’s a …

Hunting activity up after gun registry demise:
The long gun registry was scrapped by the federal government in April. Ferguson said some hunters who were once hesitant to head out, are now dusting off their old firearms. “More older people are getting out this year. Younger ones are getting out …

Follow guidelines, more space may open up for hunting:     Baltimore Sun
For many years I have had the pleasure to hunt and fish in many places in this grand old country and Canada. I have seen many changes over that period of time, some good and others not so good. When I was younger there were many places to hunt.

The Proposed Seal Cull is Unscientific and Just Plain Wrong:     Huffington Post Canada (blog)
Canadian Seal Hunt. Members of the organization for the defense of animals AnimalNaturalis protest naked and painted as bloody seals to protest against the seal hunt in Canada on March 15, 2010. (Getty) …


Snap Shots goes to SCI-Canada and Canadian chapter leadership on a weekly basis. It is also available at the “News” page of the SCI-Canada web site.  Relevant media releases from provincial governments, where we have chapters, are included, as well as from the federal government.  Also included are media articles from around the world that touch on hunting and Canada.  Some of these stories may prompt you and your chapter to take action; some may provide material for your newsletter; and some may just be of passing interest. Your comments are always appreciated. 

Thank you.  –Bob.

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