Gray, Red Wolf Litigation in the News

Safari Club International (SCI) filed a motion for summary judgment on Friday, Oct. 26, in support of the State of Wisconsin’s gray wolf hunting regulations.  On that same date, the Minnesota Supreme Court denied a separate appeal filed by Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and others in their challenge to Minnesota’s wolf hunt.  The appeal sought to overturn a decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals denying CBD’s request for a stay of the hunt.  The case is now back in the Court of Appeals, where SCI will soon be seeking intervenor status.

While gray wolves are the focus of litigation in the Great Lakes states, red wolves are in state court in North Carolina.  The Red Wolf Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife and others have sued North Carolina to challenge rules allowing night hunting of coyotes.  The groups claim that night hunting of coyote jeopardizes an experimental population of red wolves living in the same area.  A hearing is scheduled for November 13, 2012.  The Plaintiffs have also submitted a 60-day notice letter, documenting their intent to sue the state for an alleged violation of the Federal Endangered Species Act.  SCI attorneys will continue to monitor the existing and any future case to determine whether this is a matter meriting SCI’s involvement.


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