SCI Litigation Update

Safari Club Stays Active in the Courts

In the past few weeks, Safari Club has filed briefs in cases involving wild horses on the Triple B area in Nevada, the use of off-road vehicles in the Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida, and the use of lead ammunition nationwide.  In the wild horse case, SCI filed its final brief opposing a challenge that seeks to make it virtually impossible for the government to gather excess wild horses that are harmful to other wildlife, including game species.  The court will likely hold a hearing in the near future.  In the Big Cypress case, SCI filed an opening brief defending a National Park Service decision to allow ORVs and to limit Wilderness designations in one part of the Preserve.  Both actions help pave the way for future hunting in the area.  SCI will have the opportunity to file another brief later in the year.  In the lead ammunition case, SCI joined with the NRA to try to dismiss a case filed by anti-hunting groups who seek to have the Environmental Protection Agency ban the use of lead ammunition under the Toxic Control Substances Act.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation and other groups filed their own motions to dismiss the case.  It is our hope that, collectively, the motions to dismiss will demonstrate that the Plaintiffs have no right to bring their claims.

Safari Club Moves to Intervene to Defend Wisconsin’s Wolf Hunt With Dogs

Friday October 5, SCI filed a motion to intervene in a case in Wisconsin in order to help the State DNR to defend against a challenge to the state’s wolf hunting regulations.  The case, filed by a federation of Wisconsin Humane Societies, is designed to prevent wolf hunting with dogs in Wisconsin.  A Wisconsin state court has already issued a temporary stay against the dog hunting provision.  SCI has joined with the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the United Sportsmen of Wisconsin and the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation to intervene to defend a hunting opportunity mandated by state statute.


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