SNAP SHOTS: (Vol.2: EXTRA Edition: September 5th 2012)


The Canadian network “Global Television”, a division of “Shaw Media”, has decided to stop airing all hunting shows. This sudden decision will bring an end to popular programs such as “Canada in the Rough” and “Canadian Tradition”.

The move by Global doesn’t seem to be a sound business decision because Canada’s 2 million hunters can easily be reached by advertisers through these shows. So why axe hunting shows?

“Canada in the Rough”, “Canadian Tradition” as well as other programs, promote the safe and ethical pursuit of our heritage sport. They teach children to get outdoors and to care about the environment; and they feature many small communities across this great country.

Global’s decision takes no account of the very important contribution made by Canada’s hunting/conservation community to the Canadian economy.  It takes no account of the extremely important contribution made to conservation and outdoor education by these programs and by our community.  In fact, this is a serious attack not only on the Canadian hunting and conservation community, but on our freedoms of speech and of expression.

We therefore ask all outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of free speech, wherever you may be, to respectfully let Shaw Communications know that we would like for them to continue to air the hunting programs.

If you disagree with Global TV’s decision, please contact:

as well as

or call  1-877-307-1999.

And please feel free to pass this message on to others.  Thank you.

Snap Shots goes to SCI-Canada and Canadian chapter leadership on a weekly basis. It is also available at the “News” page of the SCI-Canada web site  .

We include relevant media releases from provincial governments where we have chapters, as well as from the federal government.  Also included are media articles from around the world that touch on hunting and Canada.  Some of these stories may prompt you and your chapter to take action; some may provide material for your newsletter; and some may just be of passing interest. Your comments are always appreciated. Thank you.  -Bob.

Bob Valcov

Director: SCI – Canada : Directeur


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