Court Rules to Prevent Use of Dogs in Wisconsin’s First Wolf Hunt

Efforts to advance state-managed hunting of wolves in the Great Lakes area, long supported by SCI, suffered a slight setback last week.  On August 31, 2012, Judge Peter C. Anderson of the Dane County Circuit Court of Wisconsin granted a stay that prevents the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from allowing the use of dogs to hunt in the state’s upcoming wolf season.  The stay also prevents the training of dogs for wolf hunting.  Judge Anderson’s order stated he does not intend to stop the DNR from moving forward with the wolf hunt without the use of dogs.  After learning of the Judge’s order, Wisconsin extended the application date for wolf hunting licenses from August 31st to September 7th.  As of August 31st, the state had already sold over 18,000 wolf hunting licenses.  The state is moving forward with the planned hunt and is also continuing its fight against the legal challenge to the use of dogs in the wolf harvest.  On September 7, the state will be filing a brief in support of a motion to dismiss the case.


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