New York Legislative Action Alert

New York SCI Members,

Contact your Assembly Member and State Senator and urge the passage of S. 6968!

This important piece of hunting legislation would reclassify the Mourning Dove from a “songbird” to a “migratory game bird”. This designation is the onlybarrier that stands in the way of holding a dove season in the state of New York.

The following State Senators comprise the Environmental Conservation Committee. If you are a constituent of theirs, please contact them and urge the passage of this critical legislation.

·         Tony Avella
·         Adriano Espaillat
·         Mark Grisanti
·         Owen H. Johnson
·         Kenneth P. LaValle
·         Betty Little
·         Carl L Marcellino
·         George D. Maziarz
·         Thomas F. O’Mara
·         Suzi Oppenheimer
·         Bill Perkins
·         José M. Serrano
·         Andrea Stewart-Cousins
·         Catharine Young

Additionally, please use the following link to determine who your State Assembly Member is, and ask them to sponsor the introduction of S. 6968’s companion bill.


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