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SCI is first in protecting the freedom to hunt, worldwide.

Washington Report

The votes cast on November 4 were most likely not the definitive end to this election cycle as we may hope. In fact, you’re probably hearing about at least one … Continue reading

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Defeats Lead Ammunition Petition

On November 13th, during the scheduled Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting, the Commission members voted to protect the use of traditional lead ammunition for all sporting purposes. The Commission rejected a … Continue reading

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SCI Testifies in Opposition to Proposed Hunting Rule Changes in Alaska

SCI Director of Litigation Anna Seidman traveled to Anchorage in late October to offer public comment at a National Park Service hearing on proposed regulations intended to restrict hunting opportunities … Continue reading

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Grand Teton Elk Hunt Under Attack!

Two photographers have filed a lawsuit against the federal government in an effort to stop the annual elk hunt in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  The annual elk reduction … Continue reading

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SCI-PAC Victory!

Election night was monumental for SCI-PAC and hunters everywhere…             HOWEVER, there STILL is a battle that NEEDS to be won. We now face a … Continue reading

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HUNTER ORANGE ALERT – California State Fish & Game Commission Update

The Fish and Game Commission met on October 8, 2014 in Mount Shasta. Only three of the five commissioners were present for this meeting. Agenda items and action of particular … Continue reading

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USFWS Proposed Lion Rule– How Does This Affect Me as a Hunter?

Safari Club International Frequently Asked Questions about the Recent Fish and Wildlife Service Lion Decision On October 27, 2014, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (“FWS”) announced its long-awaited … Continue reading

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